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Measuring the results of an energy access project: the experience of Enda Tamweel, in Tunisia.

Enda Tamweel, a pioneering institution of inclusive finance in Tunisia, has been committed for several years to the promotion of ecological practices and activities (see our article on this topic). In 2019, with the support of ADA and MicroEnergy International, the organization developed a new financial product: Eco-chams loans, to finance solar water pumping and irrigation systems for small producers. These new loans were first tested during a pilot phase, with date palm producers in southern Tunisia. Before deploying this innovative product to other agencies, Enda Tamweel decided to carry out a study to measure the results of the pilot phase.

In this article, Khereddine Kahia, head of agricultural and environmental strategy at Enda Tamweel, shares his experience in carrying out this step-by-step study: the key points, the surprises, the difficulties, and the benefits for the institution.